Brolmo: The Web Apps You Need
Remember Brolmo, the small website offering remotely hosted versions of PHPJabbers' most widely used scripts? More than a decade after its official launch, it went through a next-stage revival - proud of its brand-new looks and much broader collection of SaaS products that will help you enhance your website quickly, hassle-free, and cost-efficiently. Not only have we changed the website design but we also improved the entire Brolmo concept.

Over time, the client requests on PHPJabbers inquiring whether we can provide a remote hosting for the web tools they would like to buy started piling up. One of the main reasons is that more and more people using website builders need business-specific and other key functionalities that are easy to manage and doesn’t cost another fortune. The lack of web development skills and hence the need of ongoing technical support are also a factor.

This is how we came up with the idea of creating a separate web platform showcasing our web tools delivered under the Software-as-a-Service model. Before going into details about the customer benefits of using remotely hosted scripts, we will make a quick overview of all new features on

What's new on the new Brolmo?

More Web Apps
The old Brolmo only offered half a dozen PHP scripts: Web Poll, Event Calendar, Availability Calendar, Contact Form, and Guestbook. You will find them on the new Brolmo as well, along with many other web applications organized in different categories: Booking Software, E-commerce Software, Content, etc. We will keep extending the list in accordance with the new scripts on and incoming customers' requests.

Integration & Compatibility
All SaaS tools on Brolmo can be installed on every website type regardless of the platform used for its creation: Wix, Joomla, GoDaddy, Weebly, WordPress, etc. The script integration is very easy and doesn’t require any special IT skills, but still - we can do it for you upon request and spare you the extra efforts.

FREE Sign-up & Trials
In order to use Brolmo web apps, first you need to make a registration which is free of charge. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter your profile details. You can also use your social accounts to sign up and sign in. Then you can add apps to your profile and explore them for 7 days. This will help you identify potential customization needs and compare similar scripts.

Subscription Plans
If you want to upgrade, i.e. buy a particular Brolmo app, you have two options to choose from - monthly or yearly subscription. The annual plans are logically more budget-friendly and go with a FREE website integration. There are no hidden and transaction fees whatsoever. You have the right to cancel anytime with a reasonable advance notice as per our terms of use.

What makes Brolmo cool?

  • You can employ as many Brolmo apps as you wish with a single account.
  • You can adjust each application settings to fit your exact needs.
  • You can refer to our user-friendly Knowledge base & Help section.
  • You can manage your web apps and subscription plan online.

Remotely hosted Brolmo apps

Benefits of remotely hosted web apps

Software as a service (SaaS) is software accessible from any web browser, rather than installed on individual computers or networks.

The SaaS delivery model is an alternative to traditional licensed software installation in the business environment where end users have to create the server, install the applications, and configure all platforms. SaaS clients do not buy software - they "rent" it for a pre-defined period and pay just for the software they use.

The provision of hosted software applications in a cloud computing environment eliminates the need for client organizations to cover the expenses of purchasing or maintaining costly application servers and software.

High Adoption
SaaS apps are available from any device - anytime, anywhere. They have higher approval rates and lower learning curves as the software is available through standard web browsers. The good accessibility has a positive impact on sales levels.

Lower Initial Costs
The SaaS model allows for very reasonable subscription fees which most micro and small businesses can calmly afford. Having the SaaS provider manage the software infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and staff.

Painless Upgrades
SaaS vendors manage updates, feature enhancements, and new releases by deploying them to the hosted web tools centrally. Thus, SaaS users can be confident that they will always be using the latest software version.

Seamless Integration
SaaS providers (including Brolmo) offer customization services to meet specific customer needs. Moreover, APIs allow connections to internal applications (such as CRMs or ERPs) as well as to other SaaS vendors.

If you have any questions regarding Brolmo web apps and services, don't hold back to contact us!